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Ayurveda works upon a holistic approach and it works for balancing all the three doshas of body, which results in holistic health for everyone. A gift from Ayurveda, Nirmali skin treatment product is ideal for all ages starting from 8 years. It works on all blood related issues and overall mental plus physical health of a person, such that one could relax and grow restfully beautifully without any trouble.

Nirmali Body And Skin Treatment product is a complete ayurvedic solution, which purifies blood with the combination of Chandan, Neem, and other special herbs. It contains all the natural ingredients, which cleans all the vessels and pores to bring relaxing effect on circulatory system. All the herbs mixed together purify blood and work effectively on all types of skin problems including Acne Vulgaris, Itching, Eczema, Furuculosis, Scabies, Dermatitis, Decolourized skin and so on.

A complete list of active ingredients in Nirmali, the best beauty products for skin care:

  • HEMIDESMUS INDICUS (Sariva): It is the major ingredient of Nirmali, the best body skin treatment at home; which works as purifier for the blood and hence, protects from skin diseases as well.
  • Smilax China (Chopachini): This herb is known for its blood purifying properties. It also treats fever, cough, wounds, digestive disorders, hypertension, etc.
  • AZADIRACHTA INDICA (Neem): It is commonly known as Neem and we know how well the seeds and leaves of the plant heals the skin ailments.
  • SWARN PATRI – It is a Laxative and a Liver Stimulant, which helps in regulating the digestive system and finally we get glowing skin without any problem.
  • HARITAKI- It is good for digestive system, which brings good skin as well.
  • ROSA CENTIFOLIA (Taruni) - It is a 100 petal rose, which is good for heart and circulatory system.
  • ZIZYPHUS SATIVA (Unnava) - It is called ‘Ber’ in Hindi. Good for improving digestion.
  • FUMARIA VAILLANTTI (Parpat) - Blood purifier and laxative.
  • SANTALUM ALBUM (Sveta Chandan) - Good for liver, heart and skin disorders as well.
  • SPHAERANTHES INDICUS (Mundi) -Treats Migrane and good for mental health.
  • PTEROCARPUS SANTALINUS (Rakta Chandana) - Central trunk of the Red Sandalwood tree is used for making medicine, which works to treat problems connected with digestive tract, cough, fluid retention, and blood purification.
  • CASSYTHA FILIFORMIS (Amar Bela)- One of the effective ingredients of the best beauty products for skin care, is also called Cactus. This twining herb covers the tree and depends on it, for existence. It works as medicine for gastrointestinal system, inflammatory conditions, and infertility.

What should be the best beauty products price?-It is simply priceless!

Nirmali Syrup is the best beauty products for skin care, which gives you the best results in this price category! You can not label a price for the natural fair and glow on your skin. Though, if you keep an eye on skin care products price, then you would know that there are no limits. You need to buy a range of skin care products like good quality face wash, scrub, gel, massage cream, face pack, skin lotion, etc. for excellent skin care. Now, Nirmali Syrup gives you everything in one skin care products price only! So, grab your bottle of rejuvenating syrup!

Usage in a go

  • Nirmali skin treatment product Purifies blood and cures skin related diseases.
  • Controls skin problems like pimples, boils, itching, etc.
  • Spotless glowing and healthy skin.
  • Heals body and mind weakness as well as provides you smart mind plus slim body.
  • Best cure for indigestion.
  • Heals teenagers suffering from acne, pimple, and wounds all over body.

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