Blood Purifier And Fairness Syrup

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Is Nirmali Syrup 100% Ayurvedic?

Yes, it is and approved by Ayurvedic & Unani Drug office Lucknow. Many herbs are picked from Himalayas and these ingredients are used to prepare this amazing blood purifier.

Each 5ml contains aqua extract of:
Sariva (Hemisdesmus Indicus) 28.75 mg,
Chopachini (Smilax China) 17.50 mg
Swarnapatri (Cassia Angustifolia) 17.50 mg
Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) 17.50 mg
Taruni (Rosa Centifolia) 17.50 mg
Unnava (Zizyphus Sativa) 17.50 mg
Parpat (Fumaria Vaillantti) 15.00 mg,
Nimb (Azadirachta Indica) 12.50 mg,
Sveta Chandana (Santalum Album) 6.25 mg
Mundi (Sphaeranthes Indicus) 6.25 mg
Rakta Chandana (Pterocarpus Santalinus) 6.25 mg
Amar Bela (Cassytha Filiformis) 6.25 mg
Sugar q.s. to make 5 ml

How effective it is as blood purifier?

It is very much effective, as it cleanses the internal system, which reflects through beautiful skin. As we very well know that Ayurveda is based upon holistic approach and it, not only eliminates the symptoms but also the root cause of the problem. Hence, be assured that you will have a beautiful skin, healthy body, and happy mind, which is sign of a great personality as well.

How much time does it take to effectively cure pimples?

Nirmali Challenge is for 15 days duration and after that you can see the change. Nirmali Syrup is made up of Turmeric, Sandal, and Neem. Henceforth, these ingredients altogether do wonders for your skin. Neem leaves, sandal trunks, and turmeric roots are already known for its disinfectant nature.

So, you cannot expect any kind of skin infection like pimples, acne, boils, etc. Other major part combines Parpat, Haritaki, Anantmool, and Smilax China, which together work upon fighting constipation as well as skin problems.

Is it helpful in curing Vitiligo or white spots on skin?

Yes, Nirmali ingredients: Neem and Turmeric help to cure white spots. If you have syrup twice a day after breakfast and dinner, then it will help to control the problem.

Why should we use Nirmali Blood Purifying Syrup?

Nirmali Syrup is totally natural and made up with ayurvedic herbs. The syrup is totally reliable in all terms. As data suggests that more than 80 % of world population relies upon natural treatment. Hence, get and be clean inside as well as beautiful outside.

How is consumption of Nirmali Syrup advantageous?

The syrup is a perfect blend of herbs. Nirmali Syrup helps in better digestion and blood circulation with blood purification. Thus, you get clean vessels and pores resulting in energetic you with glowing skin.

I am a teenager of 16 years. Is Nirmali Syrup useful for me?

Yes, sure. Nirmali Syrup is really good for teenagers, because this age group suffers a lot due to unwanted pimples. They want to look their best always with fair and glowing skin. So, they must take it twice a day after lunch and dinner, such that their internal system gets detoxified and the cleanliness reflects through their ideal physical appearance.

What should I drink or eat to purify my blood?

Blood purification is very much required for a healthy you. There are a lot of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, which help you to clean your blood. Nowadays, when people are so busy in their daily routine, then blood purifying syrup like Nirmali can serve the purpose. The syrup contains Neem, Haldi, Chandan, and much more to purify blood as well as get rid of other related problems.

Does Nirmali helps in curing constipation?

Yes, because it contains ingredients like Haritaki, which is a major digestive component. Nonetheless, it has many more herbs for helping the process. So, if you take it twice after lunch and dinner, then you will not have constipation. And, you will have clear bowel, energetic body, as well as supple skin too.

Is Nirmali helpful in controlling cholesterol level?

Yes, it is. Herbal ingredients like Neem are helpful in controlling level of cholesterol in body. Neem leaves are excellent remedy for lowering blood pressure, and healing blood clots. Other natural herbs are also useful in maintaining overall health of a person.

What is the history of Ayurvedic medicine?

Plants had been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded history. For example, ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus. Writings describe medicinal plant uses. Indigenous cultures (e.g., African and Native American) used herbs in their healing rituals, while others developed traditional medical systems (e.g., Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine) in which herbal therapies were used systematically. Scientists found that people is different parts of the globe tended to use the same or similar plants for the same purposes. In the early 19th century, when methods of chemical analysis first became available, scientists began extracting and modifying the active ingredients from plants. Later, chemists began making their own version of plant compounds, beginning the transition from raw herbs to synthetic pharmaceuticals. Over time, the use of herbal medicines declined in favor of pharmaceuticals. Recently, the World Health Organization estimated that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some aspect of their primary healthcare. In the last twenty years in the United States, increasing public dissatisfaction with the cost of prescription medications, combined with an interest in returning to natural or organic remedies, has led to an increase in the use of herbal medicines. In Germany, roughly 600 to 700 plant-based medicines are available and are prescribed by approximately 70% of German physicians.

How do herbs work?

Whole herbs contain many ingredients, and it is likely that they work together to produce the desired medicinal effect. Many factors affect how effective an herb will be. For example, the type of environment (climate, bugs, soil quality) in which a plant grew will affect its components.


There are many products in the market, though Nirmali stands the best, because it is a combination herb product in syrup form, which is easy to digest, while taken after food twice. It clears your digestive system and cleanses skin pores to glow with fairness. Always stick to the formula, which suits you the most rather checking price and ingredients. Because, a lot of good manufacturing practices are followed to produce Nirmali Syrup.

Should I tell my Doctor that I’m using herbs?

Yes, you can. Though we know that Nirmali Syrup is 100% ayurvedic and without any side-effect. And, definitely you can take it with ongoing allopathic medicine. There is no harm in taking it anyway. Although, you can notice a plenty of good effects on your overall health, as Ayurved works on holistic health including physical and mental both.

Are Ayurvedic medicines heating in nature?

It is not true that all ayurvedic medicines are heating in nature, because it greatly depends upon herbs being used for preparing the syrup. Nirmali Syrup contains Anant Mool root extract, which works as coolant and many more herbs have different effect on body. Altogether, it is balanced syrup for all prakriti of body. So, anybody can take it after 8 and above of age.

Can I take Ayurvedic medicines along with my regular allopathic medicines?

Nirmali is an Ayurvedic medicine and it can be taken with regular allopathic medicines as well. Generally, we don’t recommend stopping allopathic medicines suddenly, because it may adversely affect the situation. Though, you can ask your Ayurvedic doctor about it. If he or she says to discontinue the allopathic tablets, then you can switch to pure ayurvedic medicine like Nirmali. It contains several benefits to the users, such as pimple removal, blood purification, good for digestion, and works hard on white skin spots vitiligo. Therefore, follow the instructions given by the ayurvedic doctor and heal speedily without any trouble.

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